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Vote Maryann McAllen on July 30, 2024!

Priorities for Scottsdale

  • Protect Our Neighborhoods

    • Neighborhood Preservation

    • Enforce Vacation Rental Regulations

  • Support Public Safety

    • Supply our Police and Fire Departments with the necessary tools to protect our residents

    • Protect the health and safety of our Fire Fighters and Police Officers

  • Preserve our Open Spaces

    • Maintain our Parks and Recreation Amenities

    • Protect our Preserve

  • Listen to Residents about Scottsdale and its Growth

    • Encourage creative solutions for new development and adaptive reuse 

    • Encourage economic development that preserves Scottsdale's unique character

Saguaro High School
Parada del Sol Parade 
Vista del Camino Park
Mighty Mud Mania, 1986
Via Linda Senior Center
Ashler Hills Park, Groundbreaking 2023
Maryann McAllen Headshots  2024-colleen katz pictures in pixelsColleen Katz Pictures in Pi


Join Us in Our Mission

Envision the Future

Every Little Bit Helps

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